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Caitlin Prescott Second Pair of Hands Category: Personal Concierge
Mission Statement: We give our clients freedom and quality of life by assisting them with chores they don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. We believe that great relationships with people like you are the reason we do what we do with passion, persistence and pride. Brief Description/Statement of My Company: Here is a list of the services we offer: Errand running, visiting elderly relatives and reporting back to the family, checking on your pets during the day, moving into your home while you travel to take care of your pets, meeting a repairperson at your home, paying your bills monthly, Mobile Notary Public, taking your car in for inspection or maintenance, car washes, being a point of contact on your wedding day, assisting when there is a death in the family by answering phones, taking deliveries writing thank you notes, administrative assistant work, visit you home while you are away to pick up papers, mail and adjust thermostat the day you come home. We are BONDED AND INSURED. Ideal Referral Scenario: A busy traveling executive with or without pets that needs help with errands. A family that lives out of town or state that wants their loved one checked up on Someone who travels a lot and wants their bills taken care of and their mail collected regularly My Three Best Client Types: People with disposable income People who want their loved ones looked after when they can’t be there Someone who has administrative assistance needs Club Members You Most Likely Have Synergy With: Kevin Hunter Dennis Long Kris Cobb Back to Directory
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