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Workstations and Servers Many years of experience has lead us to trust the quality and reliability of Dell servers and Dell workstations. Not only do we recommend Dell products exclusively, we have also found their warranty service to be outstanding. When your network’s uptime and reliability are crucial, you should purchase the best. Call us for a free network evaluation or a quote for custom built Dell servers and workstations. Relocations Making a move? Let us worry about relocating your technology. We will take down, pack, transport and reassemble all your technology. We’ll handle network hardware, servers, workstations, phone systems, printers & cabling. We’ll also handle the the technical vendors who provide Internet connectivity and phone line moves. You’ll have a working office the same day. It is important to contact us as soon as you know your new address Data Recovery & Backup Backup & Data Recovery should not be rocket science. It’s simple, if you lose one or all your files, you want them back. The best way to insure you get good daily backups is to fully automate the backup process. The quickest way to recover files from your backup is to have both a local and remote backup. Restoring locally is much faster than restoring from outside your network. Should the worst happen and you need to relocate, the remote backup is always there for you. Call and ask us about our fully automated DATTO local and remote backup system. Software Installation Able Networks will install your new software or install upgrades for existing packages on your workstation or network server. We can also provide expert training for your single or multi-user software. If you are changing your accounting system or database, we can manage the transition for you. We will take care of the exports, imports and data conversions. Just call or email and we’ll get it done. Custom Software Enhance and Repair Legacy Software Do you have old applictions? Have you lost contact with the original creators? Does the application have value to your business, but you have new requirements? Are there bugs that need fixing? Connect Operational Software to Accounting Software Import sales, invoices, and inventory transactions into Quickbooks or other accounting package. Export analysis data from Accounting and Operating Software for custom reporting. Structured Cabling Put simply, structured cabling is the installation of a building’s or campus’s cabling infrastructure – the networking medium that allows phones, computers, etc…to talk to each other and to access the internet. In the 21st century, cabling has, obviously, become a vital part of any new construction or renovation. Call us today for a site survey or a quote. Security and Surveillance New technologies have made security and surveillance smarter than ever. Genesis is a proud vendor of Video Insight, the premier security and surveillance solution available today. Video Insight is the premier IP surveillance system on the market today. Used by organizations large and small, it offers unparalleled power, tied with an industry-leading ease-of-use. Based in Houston and founded in 2002, The Video Insight IP surveillance system has been installed on over 4,500 school campuses across the country, as well as thousands of non-education enterprises. Commerical LED Lighting LED lighting is a rapidly growing industry and is on the verge of being a huge player in the technology sector. This is why Genesis Business Communication Solutions has entered the market of LED and has begun selling LED lighting to commercial businesses. This new product line will offer Genesis’s customers multiple benefits to their business and put them in the right path to gain the future possibilities of this technology. Soon LEDs will take on the role of turning street lamps into data gathering networks, security cameras for airports and analytic tools for city water usage to name a few. But for now LED lights could be your primary financial asset for your business.