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Office: 713.403.7411 Cell: 713.269.3535 wendy.buskop@buskoplaw.com http://www.buskoplaw.com 4511 Dacoma Street Hosuton, TX 77092 Category: Patent and Trademarks
An Patent and Trademark Law Firm handling patents and trademarks for: Mechanical Devices, Software Programs, Medical Devices, Chemical Inventions, Sub-Sea Matters, Vessels, Rigs, Oil and Gas, Valves, Meters and Gauges. Services U.S. and Foreign PATENTS (Provisional Applications, Utility Applications and Design Applications) * Preparation and Handling of U.S. Patent Applications (design & utility and business ethods patents) * Preparation and/or Handling of International Applications * Responses to Office Actions TRADEMARKS (Actual Use and Intent to Use) * Drafting & Prosecuting Applications * Coordinating Foreign Trademark Procurement * Handling Trademark Oppositions * Review of Design Logos * Negotiating Concurrent Use Agreements COPYRIGHTS * The Preparation of Applications For Copyright Registration * Advice on Avoiding Copyright Infringement * Instruction on How to Prepare Applications For Copyright Registration For Clients to Do It Themselves Creation of Intellectual Property * Creation of Trademark Strategies for Companies * Creating Patent Strategies IP AGREEMENTS Secrecy (Confidentiality) Agreements Software Licenses Technical consulting Agreements Employee Trade Secret Agreements Technical Services, Engineering and Design, Joint Research and Development, and Joint Venture Agreements Work-For-Hire Agreements Software Development Agreements Licenses and Sublicenses Assignments RELATED MATTERS Trade Secrets Education In-House (on-site) Intellectual Property Management Educational Programs for Employees, Vendors, Contractors on Intellectual Property Please visit our website for more information www.buskoplaw.com
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