George Elam, Jr.
George Elam Software Services, LLC.
Office: 832.654.5310 Cell: 832.654.5310 12443 Stafford Springs Dr Houston, TX 77077 Category: Software Development
"Keeping computer plans in alignment with business goals." You need us if: Your computers are not helping your business! You do not use the software you have effectively! There is no "off-the-shelf" software that solves your problem! The people who developed your custom application have moved on, and more work is needed! George Elam has been working with computers since 1966. He has extensive experience in designing, programming, and implementing custom software applications. Areas of expertise include: Systems Analysis - determining business needs and cost justification Systems Design - determining computer solution to business problem Programming Databases: MS Access; MS SQL Server Program languages: Visual Basic.Net; Visual Basic for Applications, MS Office Systems Implementation - installing the new application and integrating it within the business operation Training - How to use your business software - MS Office or other custom application Please visit our website for more information
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