Catlin Prescott
2nd Pair of Hands
Office: (713) 522-2074 Cell: Email: Web: Category: Personal Concierge
Houston Business Cabinet | Marriott West Loop |1750 West Loop South @ San Felipe
We give our clients freedom and quality of life by assisting them with chores they don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. We believe that great relationships with people like you are the reason that we do what we do with passion, persistence and pride. Some Services Examples: ~ Elder Care Visits ~ Deliver legal papers to the courthouse ~ Create and populate databases ~ Personal Assistant: Includes delivering and picking up the dry cleaning ~ Return items: Need and item returned to the store, we have you covered for returns or exchanges. ~ Grocery shop and restock the refrigerator as needed. ~ We can be your Personal Assistant during special events which includes: Addressing your invitations, put them in the envelope, adding the stamp and taking them to the post office, or if you’re more of an electronic person, we can create your invitations online and send them electronically. ~ We can also take care of paying your bills – from opening the billed envelope, writing the check, and putting the payments in the mail or electronically. ~ Wait for that important package to arrive and follow the specific directions once package has arrived. ~ Can wait for the Service Person, supervise, and wait until the repair is finished. ~ During Home remodel, we can pick up samples and return them to the showroom, wait for the service person and stay with them while they work, and be sure your home is secure at the of the day. ~ Take the car for inspection, ~ Get the tires changed and/or repair and car washed ~ Have the car inspected and pick up the license renewal ~ Notarize Document(s) – We are mobile and Certified ~ Create Database and populate – purge documents by securely electronic /manually filing ~ We can also file documents at the courthouse ~ Assemble direct mail projects; boxing, labeling, applying postage, and delivering to the Post Office ~ We are also happy to run around town to handle your bidding Any many more……………………