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Mission Statement: We provide valuable legal services to help our clients achieve their business goals. We tell our clients what they need to know, even if it is not what they want to hear, and we practice law with integrity. Brief Description/Statement of My Company: The attorneys at The Dushkin Law Firm handle all types of commercial debt collection and breach of contract cases in Houston and throughout Texas for local, national and international creditors. We also regularly collect judgments for our clients, including Texas judgments, judgments from other states (“sister- state judgments”), federal judgments, and foreign judgments. We also provide legal representation in matters of general business law in Texas to assist businesses and individuals in meeting their business goals. To achieve our client’s collection goals, our attorneys work with our clients to develop a practical action plan that is customized to the client’s needs and the unique challenges of their case. We always want our clients to understand their options so that they can make cost-effective choices to accomplish their objectives. Ideal Referral Source: Someone who needs a debt of over $20,000.00 collected. Someone who is leasing or buying or selling real estate. Business owners who need an attorney from time to time to assist them in contracts, contract review, buying or selling their business or in transferring ownership. My Three Best Client Types: Companies that have accounts receivables to one customer of over $25,000.00. Banks Small Companies that do not have in house lawyers Club Members You Most Likely Have Synergy With: Dennis Long Brian Tave Commercial Real Estate Broker
Mission Statement: Using optimized technology, patient consultation, decades of experience, and deep knowledge of the idiosyncrasies of the Houston Metro market, we will strive to earn our clients trust and empower them with the knowledge to understand the difference between price and value, so their purchase is a sound investment and they are comfortable referring us to family and friends. Brief Description/Statement of My Company: The Home Coach Realty Group represents residential buyers, sellers and investors through the Real Estate process from beginning to end. We use the latest technologies to analyze market conditions and advise our clients on the best strategies to help them achieve their goals. We also have a full line of associate vendors that can help smooth out the entire process. The Multi-Generational Home Coach Group understands the difference in needs when upsizing, downsizing, moving in town, out of town, first time home buyer or corporate relocation. We have the understanding and communication skills necessary to operate effectively in all situations. As full-time State licensed agents we have a legally binding fiduciary obligation to represent all our clients to the best of our ability, but also have such a strong belief in the integrity of the “Good Old Fashioned Texas Handshake” we made it part of our brand and incorporated it into our logo. Ideal Referral Source: Someone who needs to relocate in area. Sell current property and move to another property in area. Close out an estate that includes real estate. Seller being transferred out of the area. We can also refer them to an outstanding buyer agent in new destination. My Three Best Client Types: Buyers: relocating into town, upsizing within town, investors looking to diversify portfolio, 1st time. Sellers: relocating out of town, up / downsizing, estate liquidation, foreclosure. Investors: Seeking income producing properties, flips, re-habs. Single or multifamily. Club Members You Most Likely Have Synergy With: Jay Dushkin Jay Pirotte Shannon Boudreaux
Mona Cohen
Babchick & Cohen
Category: Attorney - Estate Planning & Probate
Mission Statement: This agency provides a professional approach to insurance for clients and business partners by listening, informing, and providing access to the widest variety of insurance products in Texas to make sure our clients receive tailored coverage at competitive prices. Brief Description/Statement of My Company: I am the owner of a Goosehead Insurance Agency, and we offer insurance to protect your valuable assets, including home, flood, auto, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, and umbrella insurance. As an independent insurance company, we bring value to our clients and business partners by providing access to the largest group of reputable insurance providers in the State of Texas. Before launching my business with Goosehead, I earned a BS from Texas A&M University, a MS from Texas A&M Commerce, and will complete a MBA from the University of Arizona in 2020. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my soon to be wife, Audrey, traveling, fly fishing, and camping, Ideal Referral Source: My target consumer is someone in the home buying process and/or someone moving to Texas. Another good situation is talking to clients when they have received unfavorable renewal notices, someone who has not shopped their insurance in a while, and pretty much anytime someone feels they are paying too much for insurance. My Three Best Client Types: Someone who values coverage. Someone who wants to understand the product they are buying. Someone who has multiple assets (I.e. home, secondary home, autos, umbrella, flood insurance, etc.) Club Members You Most Likely Have Synergy With: Loan Officers or Bankers (Jay Pirotte and Brian Tave) Realtors (C.W.) Financial Advisors (Kris)
Mission Statement: We exist to build great brands. Brief Description/Statement of My Company: Prauper is a multidisciplinary creative marketing agency. Our firm specializes in branding & identity, website design & web solutions, and digital marketing. We believe that branding and design is what one experiences when they interact with your business. Our team strives to enhance that experience and increase your bottom line through on-going digital marketing efforts. Ideal Referral Source: Larger company that would like to outsource its marketing A start-up needing a logo, website, and other branding materials A company needing photos, videos, events My Three Best Client Types: Start-ups looking for a logo, website, or other marketing Small to mid-sized businesses needing marketing help (website, graphics, photo, video, social media, etc.) Businesses looking to rebrand or update their website Club Members You Most Likely Have Synergy With: George Elam (we can do the front-end design on projects he might have) Steve McHale (graphic design support) Dennis Long (he works with a lot of business owners)
Mission Statement: We provide concierge level Travel services to our customers. Brief Description/Statement of My Company: We are a full service travel agency providing concierge level service to our customers, while sending them on trips spanning the entire globe. We provide this service at no additional cost to our travelers while making sure that their every need is met. Ideal Referral Source: Someone looking for a good vacation and does not have the time to plan it. A company that wants to award travel as a gift to their employees Someone who is getting married or has a family member that is getting married My Three Best Client Types: Corporate/Professional type people like Lawyers or Company CEO’s Brides Retiree’s looking to travel Club Members You Most Likely Have Synergy With: Jeweler Party Planner Company Owners