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Jerry Daniels Daniels Educational Consulting Category: Educational Consulting
Office: 713.848.4325 Email: Web: 1860 FM 359 Richmond, Texas 77406
Brief Description/Statement of My Company: I help people get ahead by leveraging continuing education that will enhance their employability. Help teens manage high school opportunities in order to gain acceptance to the college of their choice. Explore careers, courses, exams, grades, extra-curricular activities, volunteering, and community service. Ideal Referral Source: Bright student with lots of questions about college that parents don’t know how to answer Student who doesn’t seem motivated to make plans for what will happen after high school graduation Student who will be the first in their family to attend college My Three Best Client Types: Busy, two-income couple who wants the absolute best for their teenage kids Single parent who has little time to help with college planning Grandparent concerned about the education their grandchildren will receive Resources That Would be Helpful: Leaders of parent volunteer groups in middle schools Staff at churches with active youth programs Organizations that meet regularly and have guest speakers at each meeting Examples of Referrals that Work Well for Me: Parent of student who performs well academically but is unsure what they want to do for a career Parent of student who has academic concerns but is motivated to attain a college degree Parent of student who is concerned about the high price of college and is searching for alternatives New Doors I Would Like to Open: Discussion with leaders of Boys and Girls clubs concerning educational presentations Access to non-profit organizations focused on helping disadvantaged kids improve their lives Opportunities to speak in front of organizations of all kinds