Anthony Fontana
Broker/Owner at Motto Mortgage Lonestar
Mortgage Broker with Motto Mortgage Lonestar and Attorney. As a mortgage broker, I endeavor to provide both clients and real estate partners with personalized service. The clients needs come before anyone else’s, but I recognize that each transaction brings with it many stakeholders. My focus is to keep all those involved informed and be there with answers when anyone has a question. Before joining Motto Mortgage, I graduated cum laude from South Texas College of Law and practiced general business and commercial law working as General Counsel for several Houston business. Additionally, I still practice with Patout, Law, & Shaw, PLLC in the real estate transactions and estate/probate department. When not representing borrowers and clients, I help prepare recent graduates of South Texas College of Law for the State Bar Exam as the MBE Coordinator in the Department of Academic Success.
Category: Mortgage Broker
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